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Fire alarm on the wall of shopping center.

Fire Alarm Systems for homes and business properties in Brighton & Hove

Here at Mack Electrical we believe that the fire alarm system installed at your property of business premises is the most important security system to have in place.

That’s why we design all of our fire alarm system solutions with all regulations and standards at the forefront of our minds to protect you and your best interests.

When a fire strikes, our systems trigger the earliest warning possible to reduce the risk and damage of an undetected flame.

Fire alarm systems for your home

Protect your family and belongings with a professionally installed, fully tested and working fire alarm system tailored to the layout of your home.

Fire alarm systems for your property portfolio

A working fire alarm system is legally required for any residential property. We can provide a cost-effective, high-quality solution for landlords.

Fire alarm systems for your business

Your business, staff and property are all at risk without an effective fire alarm system in place. Our solutions are bespoke to your needs and are installed by fully qualified local electricians.

Types of fire alarm systems

Did you know there are different types of fire alarm systems? We will choose the ideal product for your needs.

Here are the two main types of fire alarm systems:

Addressable fire alarm system

These systems are ideal for larger properties as they provide specific detail about which alarm was triggered so you know exactly where the fire has begun.

Conventional fire alarm system

This system is ideal for smaller properties with fewer complications. The property is divided into zones and when an alarm goes off, you are alerted to the zone in which the outbreak has taken place.

Fire alarm installation service

Our team is highly experienced in installing fire alarm systems for domestic and commercial environments. They are all qualified technicians, so they will take the time to assess the building and identify both the correct locations for alarms and the right management system for you.

The best manufacturers, utilising the latest technology built to last, supply all of our equipment.

Fire alarm maintenance service

We will routinely check your fire alarm systems in accordance with regulations and natural wear.

With all installations, we also supply a maintenance programme that fits around your schedule. This maintenance programme will include, but is not limited to:

  • Flexible scheduled visits to test equipment is working as it should be
  • Replacements where required, using high quality replacement parts
  • A full service of all equipment carried out by a certified electrical technician.

In need of a fire alarm system that provides peace of mind? Get in touch today to find out more.