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Security Alarm Systems for Homeowners & Businesses in Brighton & Hove

Be safe and secure with Mack Electrical and our team of professional and certified contractors. Any and all work we complete meets all safety and security measures for both residential and commercial regulations.


Burglar Alarm Installation

Installing a burglar alarm system to your home or business not only provides security but also allows you to easily sleep at night knowing your personal or business belongings are safe.

We only use the very best burglar alarm systems on the market and can install them with minimal disruption and at your convenience.


CCTV System Installation

CCTV is a popular solution for protecting properties in the Brighton and Hove areas.

This is due to the ability to capture high-quality footage that can be used to prosecute should any items be stolen or damage to your home or business premises.


Access Control Installation

Wish to add an extra layer of security to your property or business building? A door access control system can prevent unwanted intruders or vehicles from accessing restricted areas.

Access Control systems come in a variety of options including keypad and swipe card entry. We can design and install a solution bespoke to your needs.


Fire Alarm Systems

We also install fire alarm systems for both residential and commercial properties. To find out more about this service, please click here.


Need a security alarm system installed? Get in touch today.

We can help you choose the best security system for your needs. Visit our Contact page for information on how to reach our friendly team.


Training & Maintenance

For all of our security systems, we can also provide instructions or training as required on how to use the products and test them as needed.

In addition to any security systems we install, we can provide maintenance services to ensure your equipment continues to exceed your expectations.